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How long could I bear the punishment? It was my daily habit of being beaten by my father as I spent time playing in the village club or witnessing opera, cinema, fair without helping him in cultivation. My mother, who was afraid of my father, would shed tears secretly. But she would start her therapy in soft tender hands and comforting words. Soon I could forget the pain. One day my father beat me mercilessly for my mischief. I took decision and left home without the knowledge of any family members.

In a new place, everyone was a stranger. At night I couldn’t sleep. I could hear my mother crying. Though mad, her hand made items, her wait till my return late at night, serving meal secretly when father ordered to stop meals, came to my mind day and night. I wished to go back home. But that wish became a coiled snake when I thought about my angry father.

Mother’s love or Father’s punishment I had to choose one. Attraction of mother’s love won over the other. After a month I returned home.

“Where have you been? I waited the whole night for you. Now your father is not at home. Take the meal as soon as possible before your father returns. “She said as if I were absent for a night.

The village women told me that my mother was heard crying and lamenting every night with my name. In the morning she would feed dogs and crows with stale bread.

That day I realised every mom keeps her baby in womb for nine months and the rest of life in her heart.

Pradeep Das

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