It looked like a deserted field with lots of straws and seeds.

I went around picking the dry straws, putting them up together to make my little nest.

Last time I laid my eggs, on a bough of a tree, which was broken down by torrential rains.

Once bitten twice shy!

I was careful this time and chose a big field. I made my nest on the ground where winds couldn’t throw my babies down!

Dreaming I sat, waiting to hear my little ones to crack out of the shells and chirp. All my time will be for my little chicks… singing and flitting.

One day, as I sat lost in reverie, I heard a roaring sound.

Was it another typhoon coming up? Was it going to rain? I looked up. But the sky was clear with the sun blazing overhead.

Then what was that sound?

And then I saw… a man-made machine was making its way towards the field. As it moved it thrashed the straws. To my horror it was making its way towards me! If I did not take correct action maybe I would get crushed under it. I could fly away. But what about my babies? No, I won’t leave them alone…

The machine moved closer. The man driving it saw me. He waited for some time probably waiting for me to fly away. But I was adamant. I am not going to leave my babies come what may!

The machine came nearer. I could feel the engine heat. The machine moved over me.

My eggs! My babies! I will not leave you alone. I said to myself as my heart thumped.

The driver maneuvered the machine in a way that I managed to have a narrow escape.

My babies were safe. And so was I…

-Shristee Singh

Thanks for reading.

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