Working mothers – they cannot have it all. They have to choose, between their careers and the time they devote to their kids. So does that make them bad mothers? To have an aspiration for professional growth? To strive in a job that in the long run is going to benefit her family? Oh wait, but when she does that, does family take a back seat? Most definitely not.
I was raised by a working mother. Her life was practically run by the clock, our school, our lunch, our evening snacks, our homework, our PTAs she did it all and did it in a way that I could never complain. She did not just raise her daughters, but she raised two women who are fierce, independent, strong headed and individual thinkers.
Yes, my father was supportive, still is and doesn’t shy away from accepting that socially – My life wouldn’t be even a half of what it is today if it wasn’t for your mother.
When I embraced motherhood, I was lost. I didn’t know the what’s, the why’s, the how’s. I broke down in front of her, said maybe I was never crafted out to be a mother. She just smiled and said, everyone, is. It is just the instinct you have to feel and let go yourself to. The strength becomes you when you do.
I can never have enough words to thank her ever. Till then, this short piece to the strongest woman and mother I know. My Mom, who defied, defended, fought to make me what I am today. Love you, Mom!

Thanks for reading.

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