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Television, shopping malls, gift centers, every nook and corner had hoardings with cheesy messages of Mother’s day.

It created a Focusing effect on my brain. I bought her a bouquet and planned a  dinner at a top-notch restaurant.

On the D-day, I was occupied in the phone’s gallery frisking for a candid picture to upload for my social media post. After umpteen failed attempt, I requested my mother to change her saree and get ready.

She wore my favorite silk one and called out for me to carry the Pooja thali. We posed, we clicked.

“Let us go to the temple now.”

I excused myself. “I have planned around the clock to make it a memorable day for you to the end of time.”

“You already lost the chance.” She walked away unfinished.

“You really did not get it, do you”? My father questioned as I entered into the house. “Your mother is behind the times and spiritual. She just want to spend some time with you. And, when you asked her to get ready, she expected you to accompany her to the temple. After all, the pooja today is about your new project.”

My brain realized that the fancy dinner and gifts was not as big as it had been cracked up to be. I draped a saree and rushed to the temple. “Let us go together”, he called from verandah.

I realized that day, that all they (my parents) wish is our time, a few conversations and some laughter.

Happy Mother’s day Maa and Happy togetherness.

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