She needed an urgent c-section, the gynecologist had just informed at what was supposed to be her regular 37 weeks checkup. The baby was in extreme distress and it was going to be risky surgery for the mom and baby both.

As she lay on the operating table facing the uncertainties, the only person she wanted now besides her was her mom.

Lying there her teenage years flashed in front of her eyes. How she as the belligerent teenager had massive battles with her mom and how it had become an unending saga of door banging and tears for years to follow.

She got married soon after college and had moved to another city. The battles had left scars and what remained in their relationship were short and formal calls.

Today, in the face of death, she was finally able to see how much her mom loved her and how concerned she was always. The then irritating “no sleepovers”, “no late nights” and “no phone during exams” rules, actually were for her own good. It was all making sense. She realized it was the anger in her, because of her falling school grades, that had turned into detestation for her mom without any of her faults.

Full of remorse, she made that call fearing it could be her final call to her.

“Mom, I am sorry and I love you,”  she said

With tears in her eyes, her mom replied

“ I love you too and thank you for calling me MOM for the first time in a decade”

It was a very special Mother’s day for the new mom who had just delivered a beautiful baby girl and another mom who had just found her lost daughter back.


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