V madhu

Steeja was around eight-month-old toddler, joyously crawling all over making everyone’s life merry all the time. It was a summer morning and Kirti, her mother, was on day off. Since, she also had an elder kid, so Kirti planned to make an awesome meal for the duo. As Ajay, her husband, was posted in another city she solely took care of the two kids here.

After breakfast, she had put the milk to boil. Those days there were no fridge to preserve food so boiling was the only means to keep it off spoiling. Also in those days, the kitchen doesn’t have had much furnitures. All was done on floor only.

As the milk boiled, she put it off the flame, and bent down to keep it on the floor, away of Steeja’s sight, the swiftest and most inquisitive queen.

But to her surprise, there she heard the loudest cry of Steeja, just behind her. For a fraction of second, Kirti was just out of mind to what she saw. She saw that Steeja had followed her swiftly. The moment she kept the hot milk pot on the floor, this little agog mistress, from between her legs crawled through and dipped her full-length left hand into this white thing.

Resettling herself she quickly picked her crying child; lavishly painted her hand with egg-white and rushed to the hospital. Under general anesthesia the dressing was done.

She sat on leave without pay and took her child for daily dressing. Furthermore, she never let the little one keep her arms folded that might cause contractures. Extra cleanliness and hygiene was maintained to prevent infection.

There are neither marks of burns nor any contractures on my hand. Today, no one will say that I am a survivor of that massive burn.



Contracture: a condition of shortening and hardening of muscles, tendons, or other tissue, often leading to deformity and rigidity of joints.


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