It might sound weird, but I belong to a pretty ‘SERIOUS’ family. Between me, my parents and my siblings, we hardly ever had any funny or humorous conversations. I always found my parents terribly firm, all that we talked about was academics and more academics. I was the only clown at home, with lesser grades and a longer tongue. Back from school, I would go on and on, about my teachers, friends or school, I would just never stop. Until my brothers pulled my pigtail and ordered me to shut up.

I would look at my mother for support, she would hear me out for a while. But then, one Shhh… from my studious siblings, my mother would beg me to stop. My blabbering disturbed their studies, it seems. And thus, I ended up boring my classmates and colleagues, till I got married and moved away. My father was pursuing his doctorate that time and my brothers too were busy with higher studies. During my BIDAAI, one of them jokingly remarked, “Good riddance, peace at last.”

And my parents, the most unemotional of all, never wept or mentioned they would miss me.

Mother and I exchanged letters, she didn’t like emails and phone calls weren’t cheap. It was in her second letter, that she mentioned something I have treasured in my heart and my diary, fifteen years after marriage. And here it goes,

“Since you left, it feels eerie in here. They all go their way in the day and back home, they study. Nobody talks, there is no sound. I tried taking your place, but they mute me too. Please come back, the house feels incomplete without you. Miss you.”

In that one moment, she made me realize how special I had always been to her.

Thanks for reading.

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