“I need some time mom. Please allow me to think and persuade myself” requested Reshma.

“You better do it fast. There is no time for your silly excuses.” And she slammed the door behind her.

Standing near the window and complimenting the dusking beauty of nature, she asked her inner voice “My God! How have I never noticed them?”

Suddenly she saw the lights blaze in the sky. A ray of hope which carried her thoughts to a world of surprises.

And a knock on the door.

“No, I cannot go against my parent wishes. Their  agony and old age.

 No, no. Let them be happy.”

And she left the room to welcome the silence.

A  silence which may lead to a healthy relationship.  After a month, Reshma announced her engagement officially in social sites. And  replied to everyone with a sweet note. Giving priorities to family member wishes and social status, she ended her nuptial ceremony the very next month.

Samuel was an NRI based on Atlanta.  A young man of thirties and a considerate human being. They were looking perfect as a couple. Both left to their own world with dreams and undecided future.

Reshma had the waves of reluctance in her emotional  approach towards Samuel. This created a lot of irritation every now and then in their relationship.

Samuel was worried of it. He was unable to handle it. There was no hope for emotions in their life. Days were passing with official duties. Until one day, he decided to give it a thought. He requested Reshma to meet him in a nearby restaurant near his office. Both met and chatted on different topics.

Reshma was not comfortable in the situation but was handling it with patience and wit. Samuel was waiting for the opportunity  to question about their compatibility.

Suddenly he asked her,

“ Ok, open up. What’s that troubling you? You had known me, as your patient. Then how can you accept the truth and go ahead. You know that this part of our life is obvious.”

“Yes, I was aware of everything. But my parents. How can I ?

They like you as you are the son of their very close friend . And my duties towards them? My parents have no idea of you, they love you as an eligible candidate for me. And I would say my medicines have really created some wonders on you for the time being.”

“Do you want to end the relationship ? I cannot change and there is no hope for a happy living” said Samuel.

“I cannot leave you know. But sometime it hurts” Reshma cried.

“Ok then, give it a thought. No need to come to a conclusion with a rush.”

Reshma as a psychiatrist had handled every emotions of marital lifestyle.

A good support is a marital bliss and that I have. Rest the blessings of science can provide.

Next day, she mailed Samuel with her response and gave a satisfactory smile at the end.

Samuel was happy to receive the mail and replied her back with a “Thanks”.


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