‘And her mesmerizing aroma, was the only thing she never took back.’

 The environment became numb, and the stillness of air could be felt as Rahul’s friends heard the painful breakup

story of his upcoming novel.

Wiping his tears and trying to smile, he said,’Cheer up guys all is part of life.’ Clapping his hands he spinned the bottle again.

    Krishna stopped and said ‘I am proud that you kept the essence of love how-much-ever she cheated you.’

    Hearing this Rahul just couldn’t control his emotions and excused from the gathering.


Closing their game, the quadro were sipping their sodas. Praveen broke the silence.

 ‘I always perceived Rahul as love guru and always thought his soulmate encounter would be just brilliant.’

 Yes I agree added Mahima. Life has its own surprises but I never expected this fate for such a loving guy. 

  Rahul is such a good guy who would never cheat in a relationship. I don’t understand why Jaya purposefully dumped Rahul saying he is a cheater?

 ‘I never thought such a hurtful soul resides behind this magnificent smiling and caring Rahul,’ quirked Gaayu.

  Rahul was a jolly, chirpy, prankster of our gang when he saw Jaya for the first time. It was just casual talk, but the attitude and confidence of Jaya appealed Rahul and he approached her thereon which finally turned into a sweet love bond never to be broken. 

Rahul Jaya formed the perfect couple everyone desired to be. The blooms of love were magnetizing and crippling but full of essence of love.

 Then there was again the dreaded silence. Staring at everyone finally Sagar asked, ‘So why the breakup took place?’

 In an anonymous screening Jaya was diagnosed with stage three cancer of pancreas. When Jaya shared this with Rahul, he kissed her and mumbled, ‘I am blessed that I met you.’

With quiver in voice Praveen continued. We all broke seeing Jaya sink day by day, but Rahul never. And today, yes today is the day when they both united.

Jaya dressed graciously beautifully and Rahul sprayed this perfume on her, her favourite one. She smiled brightly. They both vowed and she kissed him and rest her head on his chest where he could smell her full.

 Though health of Jaya was fading day-by-day, the radiance of her face multiplied.Rahul was happy that he made her live the fullest and Jaya was content that she made him complete. Everyday Rahul would help Jaya wear her choicest perfume and Jaya would lovingly kiss him for this.

  ‘Then what happened?,’ inquired Mahima

 Tearing through the shrilling silence, Gaayu proceeded ‘On the fateful day, as usual he dressed Jaya and donned her perfume. She was cold, clamy. Holding his hand she rested her head on his chest, smiled and breathed her last.

Grief struck was he but his inner self was content. She took everything off his life in a wink, but her mesmerizing aroma, was the only thing she never took back.


Photo By: Joao Silas


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