Why they fought in different A.D’s?

This is what Maria scribbled it on the last page of her Social studies book. A severe headache and the Social studies book. She had always been in this state, in every social studies exam of school.
The usual tussle in her brain, to remember each and every events in so called Indian history was the toughest job for her.
The battles, the long hierarchical list, the territorial structures etc. Even the list of Queens for Maria…was like why they married so many times?
Her mother was worried with her test performances. Maria used to try mischievous ways to hide the test papers from her parents.
But her father was very much aware of her daughter negligence towards Social studies and he to enquire about it used to go to Maria’s school to check out her marks. An embarassing situation for every child when he or she gets caught in front of both parent and teacher.
But all in vain, Maria never scored well. Her regular banging of head on her study table continued at the time Social studies paper.
She tried many method .
Scribbling down points also didnot helped her. Atlast she was send to a tutor under whose guidance she did managed to cross the social studies pavement with passed marks.
And she shifted herself to science stream, some good job was added to her wallet and she didn’t gave up her dream.
 As usual for every girl life ends or if you want can say gets a new start when she ties the knot… Maria too was one among them and she received a joint family as a gift to handle.
Days passed , she became mother of two. Surprisingly her son had managed to inherit the phobia for social studies from his mom.
Maria was unable to give a proper guidance to her son because of work load. And she decided to provide him with a good tutor before the history repeats.
And her son with much reluctancy agreed to concentrate a bit more on Social studies.
And he did well in the social studies paper and passed it with flying colours.
Maria was happy and satisfied.
After a month, the new lot of books entered the book shelf and Maria thought to give a last look to the SST book as her son took the science stream for his next session.
Emotionally she was going through the scribblings and suddenly a laughter…
The same line in the back side of her son’s social studies book…
“Why do they fought in different A.D’s?”


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