When Victor returned from the morning  stroll  along with his old dog Gypsy, he found the same placard  on the gate. ‘Rooms for Rent in the Attic.’’
  Victor’s family had recently shifted to Maplewood Avenue His father had purchased this old property as it was going cheap.
  Mom told him to have attic as his bedroom
It appeared that the attic had not been used for ages.
As he was about to go down after cleaning the room,a sudden gush of cold wind swept in and scattered every thing.
   As he turned around he saw something written on the wall —“ Leave my room—Dr. Phyles.”
        Another  shock was waiting . A similar placard was in his father’s hand,”What is this,Victor? Why have you put this placard on the gate” “ It must have been Dr. Phyles,I didn’t do anything.” “Have you gone mad? He died ten years ago.” Lo!” thought Victor”,I had no inkling about Dr. Phyles but father seemed to know him.”
         It so happened that the property his father had  bought was in the name of Dr. Phyles ,who had disappeared some ten years ago.Mayor of the town had got his property transferred in his name
        Victor didn’t mind living with a ghost .But the ghost of Dr. Phyles was making his life miserable.
 He decided to have a friendly little talk with him. A slip floated by asking him to get his assassin arrested with hints on it.
He found a spot in the orchard and started digging,Gypsy helped him.
He saw something that made him stand still. A Part of the human skull was visible.
 Police dug up a skeleton and an old gun. Investigations revealed that the gun belonged to the Mayor. He was arrested.
 Back in the attic Victor found these words written,” Thanks Victor!”

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