The advertisement came as a relief. Finally something she could afford. Angie told the landlady over the phone that she wanted to shift immediately. The landlady told her that she will be out but would leave the key under the doormat.
It was already late when she reached the place. The room was small, slightly cramped but the only one she could afford. Slipping her little suitcase under the bed she plopped herself on it. Tired with traveling, she fell asleep in no time.
The wind howled loudly and she woke up feeling scared. She found that the window was open. Relieved she tried to put the shutters down, but was startled by the sound of footsteps on the stairs leading to her loft. She felt her heartbeat rise as she fumbled to find the light switch. She couldn’t find any.
“Maybe the landlady has arrived,” she thought.
Before she could reach for it, the door creaked open.   A shadow walked towards her and a hand covered her mouth tightly. Her suppressed wails burnt her eyes as her body shook vigorously to release itself. The fireplace behind her lit up and revealed the face of her tormentor. A woman’s silhouette staring at her with smoky, soulless eyes.
“What do you want from me?” Angie muttered.
A shiver went up Angie’s spine when she lifted a knife towards her. In the flash of a second, it was covered with blood.
Angie saw her lifeless body fall to the floor.
“I am free,” the woman was laughing in celebration.
“You shall remain here until the next person arrives. Death is the only way out.”
“Remember it starts with this advertisement. Room for rent in the attic”.
She flew away through the window. Angie was now the new landlady of the haunted house.

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