The rocking-chair next to the window, a perfectly placed antique beauty, charmed him. He ignored the coppery-odour in the attic. In an instant, he said ‘yes’. Not that he had any choice, after his landlady threw him out without any prior notice. 

“Is this water on the floor?” he asked.

The old woman, Shivranjani mopped it smilingly.

Putting the advertisement on the table, he called his friends for dinner. The place had a spookiness about it.

It would be fun to scare them. Rubbing his hands in glee, he chuckled. 

He left to get supplies for the Halloween party. 


As he was climbing up the rickety stairs, he saw a shadow by the window. 

Did the old woman let them in? He wondered.

As he pushed the door open, he saw a lady sitting on the rocking-chair. Her face hidden behind her long hair. She was rubbing her hand vigorously, trying to remove her heena. The skin of her hand was peeling off. Yet, she continued rubbing.

With his shaky hand, he tapped on her shoulder. Her ghost of a smile was the last thing he saw. 

Some of his blood splattered over the advertisement on the table, and the rest dripped on the floor. 

Shivaranjani climbed up the stairs. She looked around. The body was gone. 

Throwing the bloodied advertisement in the dustbin, she thought- just a few more to pay off my debt. Turning the light off, she left the room.


In the darkness, the ghostly figure used the blood on floor to apply heena. Soon all that was left of the blood was a transparent puddle.


An hour later, a young woman stepped inside the attic. Mumbling about the water on the floor, she kept a fresh advertisement on the table.


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