Nagamani Kuchimanchi has been a sagacious influence since she joined ArtoonsInn in 2017. With her roots extending deep into the arenas of pen, print, and press, she has been nurturing and tempering the writing souls in Room8 as a prestigious member of the Wings Club at ArtoonsInn. ArtoonsInn is indebted to her in terms of the profundity she renders so honestly and the financial contribution she has made so benevolently. Thanks to her keen motivation, ArtoonsInn published its first paperback anthology from Room8, Hawk’s Nest, of which she herself is a part.

Ms.Nagamani, contributed a sum of INR 5000 that went towards the upkeep of the website and organizing of the events in Room8. The vision is gaining grounds and flourishing – and ArtoonsInn extends its heartfelt gratitude to her.

ArtoonsInn is honoured to have the Jack-of-all-trades guiding it throughout its journey in gathering artists.