A smart move by us?

No, it was terrible to watch them running for life.
I don’t know the details behind those fiery golden petals. But it took away all the love, engulfing every nook and corner in a slow pace turning it to ashes.
The last few hours was quite tough for us to capture them in hide and seek mood.
Those small two legged creatures standing in a row one after the other like a Republic Day parade on the path of the park are now invisible.
Howling sounds of deers and the loud chirping of the creepy creatures was heart wrenching for us.
Those spotted deers, graceful antelopes and the mad elephants were seen running for life. The dancing peacocks with their burning feathers were jumping inside the pond which was half dry. The thirsty scorching sun must have been selfish finding a source of water, to quench its thirst.
Our mood of adventure was cursing us for being late to the spot to hold them in cameras.
………..Day of visit……
My mood to visit the National Park with my friends was organised with Samuel, our guide. A day long adventure with a proper brunch and few snacks in pocket was planned.
Samuel greeted us at the gate. He made us comfortable with his funny vocabulary. My friends was enjoying his company. Samuel and his skills to entertain was loaded with humour.
A Jeep was arranged to poke our nose inside the Park dwellers. All of us took the back seat to have a perfect view of the whole atmosphere. The ride was not smooth and safe, as the silence of the Park.
Tightening our seat belts, we started our journey, which was not less then a roller coster one. Kishan with his son a 10 year old boy, accompanied us. He was strong enough to make us doubt our potential.
The silence of the Park was haunted by the echos of buzzing sound of invisible creatures.
Those Partridges crawling and crossing our path in a row was worth seeing. We tried to capture some moments in mind as well as in cameras.
As we move ahead, the popping eyes of deer behind the barks of the trees was disturbing us.
 “Why they are hiding from us?” I and my silly enquiry.
 “They are afraid. They don’t want to get disturb. They are busy in their life.”
” A grass chewing antelope, see there…” Samuel whispered.
“He seems to be enjoying his independence before the Cooper band wakes up…”
saying that Samuel grinned at us.
The fast moving vehicle and the laughing Kishan( our driver) was irritating us, as “The Cooper band” was missing.
Atlast, a glimpse of the Cooper was seen around the post meridian. Walking slowly amidst the bushes he was snarling at us. And the rush among the deers confirmed our doubt of Cooper presence.
A breath taking experience it was.
Watching a beautiful roaring king in front of us, walking with his dominant attitude.
Samuel advised us to seat quietly to enjoy the mesmerising view. Somehow we managed to click few pictures without disturbing Cooper.
“A group of tiger(Cooper band)….” Kishan shouted .
“They are trying to attack us from behind.” His boy added.
Samuel was silently watching them and with rolling eyes he alert us to hide inside the Jeep.
“Ah ! they went off without hurting.” Kishan informed us.
The heat in the atmosphere which has suddenly risen to the epitome was killing us.
What could be the reason? I asked our guide.
But there was no reply from Samuel.
And without wasting a moment , Kishan drove the Jeep as fast he could to move out of the Park.
We tried to find out the reason and was informed about the golden petal that was ruining the Park and its habitants.
Cooper was seen nowhere. Officers on duties was found busy discussing to solve out the predicament.
We stayed there for a while , to know the details behind the fire.
They told us that a jeep had caught fire inside the Park which has created such a big loss.
Praying and thinking of Cooper and his band, we left to our resort.


Photo By: Dave Herring


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