Hello and welcome, Artoons!!

The purpose of ArtoonsInn community is to bring various kinds of arts, artists and the various art enthusiasts together. Writers and Readers, Bloggers, Professional and Amateur photographers, Painters, Musicians, Dancers, you name it. Be our guests and share your art(s) here.

But, wait. Artoons? ArtoonsInn? Are we crazy!? Yes, we are crazy. As crazy as to hold a crazy dictionary, we call it Lexinart. We create our own words and add them to it. It’s an art, too eh? Perhaps. Well, in our Lexinart, ArtoonsInn means an Inn for the Artists.

Currently, we are working on developing the Writers’ and Readers’ Room which is one of many rooms in our Inn. Join the room here:


Oh, by the way, feel free to contribute your words to the Lexinart.

Yes. A lot happens here. In the Writers’ and Readers’ Room, we engage in the following activities.

Every month we host a writing event that we call ArTales with a central theme and invite all aspiring, budding and blooming writers to write. Generally, writers are given about 20 days to write their story/ies and are requested to send their entries following the rules provided by the team. Each story, unedited, will be posted on our website ArtoonsInn. Once posted, stories are shared on our Facebook page ArtoonsInn and on our Facebook group Writers’ and Readers’ Room for everyone to read and share.

This monthly event calls for comments/feedbacks from fellow Artoons (yes, we call our community members as Artoons) so that they can further hone their writing skills.

Join the Writers’ and Readers’ Room to participate in the events. Not just events, it’s the engagement with like-minded readers and writers that would keep you engaged and give you various opportunities to learn.

ArttrA is an event aimed at bringing together writers who can work together and improve their writing skills through collaboration and mutual encouragement. The writers are divided into 9 teams of 4-5 members each who contribute their writing skills to write a story in unison based on a prompt. The winning team with the best story gets a cash prize that gets distributed amongst the members and a part of the amount is donated to charity. Please follow the link below to understand ArttrA:

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an old proverb that reminds us all to refrain from working all day and get involved with fun activities that rejuvenate our minds if we want a productive day. Hence the creation of Gramoon.

Gramoon is all about the English language – the basics of sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and parts of speech, vocabulary, word games, among other things. Every day, ArtoonsInn shares two Gramoon activities where everyone can participate by providing their answer (and, if interested, an explanation for such an answer) in the comments section. After 24 hours, comments with the correct answer will be liked or discussed when required.

And, there are many other things coming up. Granulaire is one of them. Turn on page notifications to make yourself updated and enjoy more of ArtoonsInn.

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The community was initially started with the title ‘Write India‘ by Mithru Rachamalla and Shankar Hosagoudar. Being voracious readers, their plan was to conduct writing events every month giving thought-provoking prompts just to read good stories. A few months rolled and, like any other community, its members increased. As it continues to grow, new members joined the team to contribute help in developing the writing events.

Currently, the people who run this community are the ones in the above picture.

Kajal (aka K) writes amazing reviews for the entries we get in ArTales.

Rham (aka V) fills our Facebook page with Gramoons, also writes reviews for the entries.

Mithru (aka Z) does the artwork and handles Granulaire.

It’s been a year since the community became active. Many changes were made since then, including the community’s title/name. With its dynamic content and sprightly members, the community is looking forward to a brighter future.

If you are interested to join the team and contribute your skills in developing the platform, send us an email to artoonsinn@gmail.com and one of the team members will get in touch with you.

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