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Traditional publishing house in India

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Cheap Web designing company

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Resider Benefits

Discounts on all Room9 Publications

Write to [email protected] for discount coupons. 

Discounts at The Archaic House near ArtoonsInn.

Write to [email protected] for discount coupons.


Free admission to The Great Room9 Chain

Write to [email protected] to submit your book for review.

Resider-Space at ArtoonsInn

A brief biography of the Artist will be put up on An Artist may also buy space on to showcase their biography and art.

Free HoA membership at Writers Room.

Write to [email protected] to join.

Discounts at The Geeks Room

Write to [email protected] for discount coupons.

Marketing and Promotions

Discounts on Marketing and Promotions via ArtoonsInn websites.

Job opportunities at ArtoonsInn service-based rooms for artists.