• What is ArtoonsInn?

ArtoonsInn is a platform for Artists of various kinds to gather under one roof and communize among their kindred spirits in its various rooms.
In other words, an inn for Artoons – Artoons’ inn.

  • Who are Artoons?

Artoons are Artists who have gained a permanent residence at ArtoonsInn via any of the Clubs within the ArtoonsInn community.

  • What are the clubs in ArtoonsInn?

Claws club and Wings club are two elite clubs within the Writers and Readers’ room of ArtoonsInn that are currently in existence. Claws club houses the prime writers of ArtoonsInn while Wings club houses the writer-makers of ArtoonsInn.

  • What can I do to be a member of the clubs?

You can find out how to get into the clubs here:

Claws Club: https://artoonsinn.com/claws-club/
Wings Club members are selected by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn based on their reviews on the stories shared in the Writers and Readers’ Room.

Writers and Readers’ room, one of many rooms in ArtoonsInn, is where literary enthusiasts reside. This is where monthly writing events like, currently, Five00(In 450-500 words), UniK(In 900-1000 words) and ArTales(1500-3000 words), and one day writing events(150-300 words) are mainly hosted.

Other than these, Writers and Readers’ Room has Smuse(In 6-50 words) – an every day writing event, and Poetry Parlour where you sharpen your poetic skills every week.

  • Smuse? Five00? What are these? Where can I learn all the ArtoonsInn related keywords?

Check out the Lexinart – ArtoonsInn’s own dictionary here: https://artoonsinn.com/lexinart-the-dictionary-of-artoonsinn/

  • What are ArtoonsInn events?

Events are hosted on a regular basis at ArtoonsInn to encourage and motivate budding writers into writing better and for readers to read interesting stories.

  • Can I win in the ArtoonsInn events?

Just and fair jurors which comprise of an Anonymous Judging panel(picked by the Watchers every month) from within the Writers and Readers’ room, the Wings club, Readers’ reviews and ArtoonsInn’s own judges take part in judging the main events of ArtoonsInn to ensure a fair judgement during an event to pick a winner. So, everybody has a chance to win.

  • Can I send my stories to ArtoonsInn?

You can either take part in the events ArtoonsInn hosts, or you can send in stories/poems/articles/prose or any write-up you wish to share within our community to writers@artoonsinn.com which  will be shared as Guest Entries.

  • Can I become a published writer through ArtoonsInn?

ArtoonsInn Publishing House is under construction.
Entries that are exclusively shared at ArtoonsInn will be handpicked and considered for publishing. Meanwhile, keep writing at ArtoonsInn and send your entries to – Writers@artoonsinn.com
Our watchers are always on the lookout for publish-worthy entries from Artoons.

  • Who works behind the scenes of ArtoonsInn?

Watchers and Builders – a team of talented and dedicated persons stand watch and build up the platform respectively, working tirelessly behind the curtains to make ArtoonsInn a unique forum for Artoons.


For any further queries write to: contact@artoonsinn.com