ArttrA-1 | Hunger Games

ArttrA is an event aimed at bringing together writers who can work together and improve their writing skills through collaboration and mutual encouragement. The writers are divided into several teams of 2 members each who contribute their writing skills to write a story in unison based on a prompt given to their team using a common character given to all the teams.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning team as well as the runner up team.

Competitors are teamed up using an online shuffle system. Once registrations are over, competitors will receive the details of their team members so as to contact and get to know each other and their style of writing. Once registrations are closed, the teams will be formed using an online shuffling system and the members will be notified. They will be given a day or two to contact and get to know each other. The games will officially start then. The individual prompts will be given to the teams and posted in the group as well.

ArttrA-1, Hunger Games: A Mystery Solving Challenge.

Common character: Radhika Roy

About Radhika: Radhika Roy is a Private Investigator who starts her own agency – Radhika Roy Intelligence Bureau, after having had a bitter experience and quitting the CBI. However, she still has a friend or two within the Police Force who’d be willing to lend her a hand. She also has ‘enemies’ who are either skeptical or jealous of her and hate her guts.
Her age ranges between 35-45; is unmarried and living alone with a German Shepherd, self-trained, for company.
Based in Delhi, she manages to nab the criminals across the country, if needed.
Her father is dead but her mother lives in an old age home.
She has pollen allergy, hates cats and has a sixth finger on her left hand.
She has Grey-ish cat eyes that rarely miss a thing.
Her sharp nose is pierced on the right side studded with a diamond (gift from father).
Her height gives her a considerable advantage without using the fancy sandals other women like.
With the help of regular workouts, she maintains a healthy body and decent physique.

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More about Radhika:preview.png

She has a mixed lineage. Her Father is a Bengali while her Mother is a Malayali. Her father used to work for Indian Government, and you know what is synonymous with Government jobs? Yes, you’re right, Transfers. Radhika studied in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh and finally Delhi. Travelling a lot since her childhood gave her an opportunity to interact with people from various regions, she is a Polyglot, and she speaks fluently in English, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi; while she can understand Kannada, Marathi and Punjabi.

As a batch topper in her Police Academy training, Radhika is a perfect shot. She owns two licensed guns (Walther P22 Target & Ruger Blackhawk .44 magnum). Her German shepherd is named after her favorite singer Rafi (Ruffy).