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Alipi Das

Alipi Das is a voracious reader and enjoys both reading and writing. She is inclined more towards classics, she also loves painting, traveling and swimming.

The Warm Welcome 2.5/5 (3)

“Hello Aunty, so nice to hear your voice after a long time.” “Yes dear Ru, my sweetheart, long time. We’ve decided at last, that your uncle and I’ll be visiting you in April.” “Really? I’m so glad that at last, you’ve finally decided to pay me a visit […]

The Irony of Bliss Read and rate this story.

Poonya urged impatiently, “Tell the truth, don’t feel intimidated, they’ll help you, I promise.” Shabari didn’t respond, tears streaming down her eyes, she kept gazing at her burnt hands. The policewoman walked towards Shabari’s bed and asked her, “Did your husband pour boiling water on your hands?” Shabari […]

Unscripted Read and rate this story.

The lovely evening breeze swept across her face as Mita craned her head outside the car window. She always enjoyed this ride from home to her dance classes every day. The road snaked through the mountains on both sides, the lush green vegetation on the slopes, the stream […]

The Valedictory Read and rate this story.

“Oh death!! You win, I lose. I bow to you.” My grieving heart couldn’t accept the unbearable news. I was introspecting over the inexorable reality of death and the ineffable truth of life. I contemplated that possibly the Gods were riled by our indomitable spirit, perhaps perceived as […]

A Simple Life Read and rate this story.

It was Springtime, a sunny, Sunday morning, Amma as usual was busy with her daily household chores, be it rain or sunshine, the old lady always followed her routine, from the break of dawn before the rooster crows, till the dusk weaves its conspicuous way to the dark […]

The last hug Read and rate this story.

The garlanded photo of my aunt’s face; reflected the same arrogance and ego of her prime. My mind raced, amidst the background of the Shradh rituals. We visited an aunt’s house in a suburb, during school vacations, when I was seven years. Amola Di, the elderly maid; but […]