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Anwee Mazumder

Since her childhood, she has always been into reading and writing. Holding two Masters, she has served in the corporates for almost eight years as an HR Professional. Now a full-time mom to a two-year-old super active toddler.

The turns of life have certainly made it almost impossible for her to pursue her interests, but she is determined to take writing seriously.

My Beloved Mom Read and rate this story.

My grandma, an educated, courageous lady had lost her husband during partition and came to India with her five kids. My dad was merely six months old. Grandma would work as a nurse in a government hospital to give her kids a stable life. Eventually, her struggle had […]

The Standpoint Read and rate this story.

17thNovember, 1936 Even the dimmest of light can pierce through the thickest of darkness. True I see, as the soft morning light streaming through the minor cracks of wooden windows faded away the darkness of this empty courtroom. However, I know within hours, hundreds of footsteps and regular […]

We Are Family Read and rate this story.

Maria buttered the toasts and put in two different plates, crunchy ones for Mathew and soft ones for Michael. Oh, the boys are so particular about their choices. She thought smilingly. “Come on boys, breakfast is served,” she called them while pouring fresh orange juice in elegant crystal […]