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The Time-Traveller 3.83/5 (3)

In my era, people were peace lovers. They revered Anviya*, Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa. All my life, I heard was Gandhi said this, Teresa did that. The constant reminder of ‘be good, be kind’ made me nauseated. They painted roses on the tinted frames and wanted us to […]

I need some time, Mom Read and rate this story.

“I need some time mom. Please allow me to think and persuade myself” requested Reshma. “You better do it fast. There is no time for your silly excuses.” And she slammed the door behind her. Standing near the window and complimenting the dusking beauty of nature, she asked […]

The bond… Read and rate this story.

It looked like a deserted field with lots of straws and seeds. I went around picking the dry straws, putting them up together to make my little nest. Last time I laid my eggs, on a bough of a tree, which was broken down by torrential rains. Once […]

The Chatterbox Read and rate this story.

It might sound weird, but I belong to a pretty ‘SERIOUS’ family. Between me, my parents and my siblings, we hardly ever had any funny or humorous conversations. I always found my parents terribly firm, all that we talked about was academics and more academics. I was the […]

A Mother is Born 5/5 (1)

She needed an urgent c-section, the gynecologist had just informed at what was supposed to be her regular 37 weeks checkup. The baby was in extreme distress and it was going to be risky surgery for the mom and baby both. As she lay on the operating table […]

Heaven Read and rate this story.

‘Where’s the food I had left in that plate?! ‘ shouted the man. The woman calmly replied, ‘was’nt that supposed to be eaten… Was that stale? I just gulped the whole thing.. I was so hungry she said… The man said, our leader had sent us here because […]

Love thy nature Read and rate this story.

“What about a real life story, Mom?”John asked. “So, you want to hear a real life story?” Rebecca glanced and started telling him a new story. Twenty years ago, a huge whipping storm captured all of us. Mother Nature was merciless. One storm left an estimated 20,000 dead […]

My Precious Read and rate this story.

‘The devil will soon be around if you don’t curb the ways of the world.’ She said as her vaporous figure stood before me like a genie. ‘What devil are you talking about?’ I queried. ‘The devil which will rise once the natural resources deplete and pollution rises. […]

Karma calling! Read and rate this story.

The grainy feel of  golden sand, gigantic waves crashing against the shore, seagulls screeching, the neon blue sky threaded with silver and a refreshing breeze swirling around my hair, with all  the elements in sync, my vacation seemed no less than a melodious symphony. After lazing around for […]

Tethers Read and rate this story.

The beads and chains, Of custom and tradition, The inking of my face, The branding, in your name; Will not ground me! Rebellious my eyes Resolute my lips, My longing to escape. Surrounds me! My freedom, beyond fretters, I shall find. And I shall flee. Confined I am […]

The Playing Balls Read and rate this story.

They burst with a loud explosion! Manva got pusillanimous and kept her eyes closed. She felt something soft dropping on her head. Something from above touched her arms softly and dropped down. What was it? She could hear the laughter of her parents. “Happy birthday my sweet little […]

An Imaginary City Read and rate this story.

As I was thinking of an imaginary city, The one who created it must really be witty. Do you know the place name? Well, it’s called …. The dream plain. It has mountains of ice-cream, Which will make children witnessing it, beam. And having fruits encased in coverings […]