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Mukti Read and rate this story.

Mukti was fidgeting with the seat belt when Arjun glanced across at her from where he was seated in the flight, a couple of seats ahead. She looked up just then and their eyes met. He gave her a warm, reassuring smile, almost saying, “It’s okay. Just relax.” […]

Mirror On The Wall Read and rate this story.

Despite its calm exterior, its temperature was actually steadily rising. Within no time, it was steaming, sputtering, spilling out with a vicious rage at a hurried pace. But Bano rushed there in time. Switching the flame off, she picked the milk pot up from the stove and placed […]

An Unfair Eviction Read and rate this story.

An epidemic of daunting proportion had taken over. It all started a few weeks back when a murky greenish-brown hue was overcast on everything around them, a miasma of despair, if you will. Though they looked skyward through wary eyes, the dwellers didn’t make much of it initially. […]

The Folklore Read and rate this story.

Doctor Prithvi cursed his luck. From the moment he had set foot on Marhi, a secluded tribal village in the Himalayas, he had worked for its amelioration. The previously non-functioning government hospital saw major improvements. He toiled day and night to treat the natives, reduce their pain….and this […]

Child Read and rate this story.

I tried Shouting, winning,  Bringing into the little cupboard Trophy after trophy I tried Feeling her face for that moment Looking out as young children  Outside For drops of rain and squirrels…   But she was never surprised She said she knew And it was nothing new Like […]

My Revered God Read and rate this story.

“Raj and Simran also left two days back”, said Maya, “It was the seventh villa being vacated in Area 153. Now only two families are left here Amar – the Kumars and us”. Amar was just back from yet another one of his frequent business trips and Maya […]