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Five00 -1 Read and rate this story.

Writing Event #Five00 -1   Prompt: “Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.” Rules: 1. Your story must have a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 500 words. 2. Must use the given line somewhere in your story. 3. No previously published works, only fresh stories considered. 4. No […]

A Betrayal Read and rate this story.

Madhav and Arjun hid behind a bush, their eyes resolutely scanning the bridge with increasing desperation for any signs of life. ‘You sure he had picked this spot’, Madhav asked his friend for the third time. Exasperated by his queries, Arjun unlocked his phone and showed Madhav the […]

A Walk to Remember Read and rate this story.

“Talk to me”, she grunted “I want to play cricket. Please let me go.” “You are not going” “I am” “Bye” “Sorry doll. Bye. Will be back soon.” 5 hours later… “Doll” “Don’t talk to me” “Please” “Why don’t you ever feel what I feel? 😞” All of […]

The Drill of Love Read and rate this story.

  I, the darkness have stepped in to shadow the day and carry its riders to the engulfing moment of fear and flight by blanketing the night and donning its sleepers the vast world of dreams. Today is February 21, 2028. As I walked through the streets of […]

A Wish I Made Read and rate this story.

The Last day For the first time in my eternity, I thank that I am not a girl. No, I am not gender-biased. Never. These corporate policies would have issued me a pink slip if the omnipresent human resource department would penetrate my thoughts. So, let me submerge […]

Kaushalya Read and rate this story.

Story Characters: AKASH and ANUSHKA – Husband and Wife at present times AMOL and VANDANA – Husband and Wife in 1970s time RAVISHANKAR and KAUSHALYA – Husband and Wife in 1930s time KAVITA BAI – A Dancer RENU (AMOL’s sister) RAMESH CHAND and SARITA (ANUSHKA’s parents)  Present times: […]

A Little Thing Called Love Read and rate this story.

Prantik lost his cool when his friends started insisting ceaselessly to come with them for fishing. They didn’t want to leave him alone.  ‘Leave me alone, man’, he shrugged his shoulders and went back to his room, leaving behind three worried and bewildered faces.  Eventually, they went away […]

Maya Read and rate this story.

“You are so selfish, Maya.” “I can’t believe I married such a self-centered and self-obsessed person.” Deepak said all this and much more. Maya sat there, on her side of the bed, listening. Well, not really. She was numb. She didn’t feel a thing. She wasn’t listening or even hearing. […]