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Bhavna Gajbe

Bhavna Gajbe is a Nagpur based Freelance writer. She is a lawyer by educational qualification and a writer by choice. Being a mother to a seven-year-old son, writing comes to her as a medium to keep herself rooted and at times sane, expressing all the emotions. The digital space allows a great platform for writers like her to express on varied topics of social relevance and reach out to a greater number of readers.
Other than writing, she loves reading a lot, movies and painting.

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Avanika knew something was wrong the second she spied his name flash on the screen. It was tempting to ignore the call, but instincts told her she should at least listen to what he has to say. “Yes?” Her voice was even. “I need your help, Avni. Come […]

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Complete Within “Why in the world they had to be here?” Roger murmured as he tried to feel the surface below his feet in the pitch dark. “Shh don’t make noise and follow me,” John whispered. “It’s a sacred tomb…and they can get resurrected hearing your hoarse voice.” […]

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Rana Tarak stared at the reflection in the mirror. Although already 22, he was feeling like a 16-year-old teenager. After all, it was his first date with Nima. The lonesome pair of her eyes had been haunting him. “After meeting me, she will cherish this date of homecoming […]

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“Here comes your poha with chai, Sirji.” Raju grinned at Kunal. “Thanks, Raju.” It was Monday morning. After the late night movie with friends, Kunal hurried to the office and was unable to prepare his breakfast. The canteen below the office building was a savior to his grumbling […]

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“Tauba Tauba, Ruksaar, it’s ok that you work for them…but now you have started following their festivals too.” Farida Bi frowned looking at the plastic Christmas tree in the narrow porch. It was decorated with cheap Chinese lighting and few plastic stars and glitters. “Biji…have some cake and […]