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Charulata Panigrahi

Charulata Panigrahi is a homemaker. In her free time, she likes reading the works of Indian authors. She is also fond of gardening.

The Interview Read and rate this story.

London calling Ravi was fed up as the Chief Correspondent of ‘Bright Times of India’ newspaper at Surat. Reporting about the latest trends in the Diamond and Textile sector and the Municipal Corporation, all these years had become very monotonous. He was looking for a change and he […]

Vengeance 4/5 (1)

How am I supposed to recognize you, if you don’t send me your pic?”, she had asked exasperatedly on the phone. “Hey… let the blind date be blind”, he had replied in that heavenly baritone. “I will be wearing a white formal shirt; look out for a lavender […]

Bhu Devi Read and rate this story.

The Lords were summoned. It was an emergency. Bhu Devi (Earth) was agonised by her children .Mother Earth was crying.  Brahma, the creator asked, “Matey(mother),”what worries you? Why are you in tears? “O Lord, I am heart broken. My children have ravaged me like anything. I have given […]

Dr. Read and rate this story.

Even as a toddler, Binita had shown signs of taking a liking to the profession. Her parents worked in Mumbai. Binita was born and brought up in that big city. The parents tried their best for their darling daughter’s comfort and happiness. Little Binita had developed piles at […]

Bishnu’s Maya Read and rate this story.

Bishnu was resting on the Anant Naag,Goddess Laxmi sitting by His side.All of a sudden they heard Narayan Narayan”. “Narad I was waiting for you..How was your trip?Is everything going smoothly there on the vast prosperous land of Amaravati?,asked the Lord. “Of course Prabhu.The people are very happy.Affluence […]

Kumbh Mela Read and rate this story.

The ongoing Kumbha at Prayagraj brought back the  memory. My granny once told me about the tirthyatra to Allahabad kumbh  with grandpa and her four bosom friends and their respective husbands.  Her narration while chewing paan is  still  visible in my mind’s eye. Specially when she described how […]

Panchali Read and rate this story.

“Death is inevitable. Here goes the most talented, intelligent and beautiful woman”, said a sombre but scary voice. The voice subsided, and the sound ‘thud’ of a body dropping was heard. Draupadi fell from the side of the snowclad mountain. There she breathed her last. I woke up […]

Guilt Read and rate this story.

Our errand boy Gopal handed over a letter to me. “Sir, the postman brought this”, he said. It was an inland letter. “Who writes letters these days!”, I thought while turning it over. I saw the sender’s name – it read ‘Anamika and Biplab’. “A letter from them […]

Girlhood Read and rate this story.

Gone are those golden days My unforgettable girlhood days; The delight of roaming with friends On the wide roads, with the fresh breeze blowing, Bougainvilleas peeping from both sides, the mosaic colours of red, yellow and white. No fear of eve teasing, No fear of vehicle rush; Expecting […]