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Esther Greenwood

The author is an 18-year-old student from Kolkata, struggling to find a home for her works. Her chief hobby is reading, specially classics dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. She loves Dickens and Alexandre Dumas.

The Whistling Woods 4.56/5 (9)

Samuel gazed upon the hazy blanket of darkness stretching below his window. A mist had curled up from the seas, enveloping the villa, with its scenic gardens , shady avenues. The golden lights on the garden-gates glowered like malicious eyes of hidden beasts lurking out there in the […]

To Err is no Longer Human 2.5/5 (10)

A gust of wind rushed in through the open window, caressing his weather-beaten face. The candle-flame flickered for a moment, before steadying itself into a feeble yet persistent glow. Oblivious to the raging winds or the flickering candle, the old man sat bending over a fat, aged book […]

The Missing Blue 4/5 (2)

The monsoons have arrived late this year. The faint blue of the summer sky is receding fast under the onslaught of dark ominous clouds. An expectant silence prevails, only to be shattered by occasional gusts of tear-drenched winds driving the trees in the garden wild. It is with […]