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Geeta Jena

Geeta spends most of her time indulging in her hobbies - teaching and writing. She has written short stories and poems in Gujarati and Hindi for her college magazine. During her tenure as a Pre-primary teacher, she has written rhymes and plays for her students. Her favourite genres are romance and supernatural.

I am a woman 3.6/5 (5)

  Thump…thump. I could hear my heartbeats. I wiped the sweat from my forehead with my dupatta. Soon I was going to speak in front of 500 people. I looked at the paper in my hand, but did I really need to? I closed my eyes, and there […]

Bodies Read and rate this story.

  Content warning: This story is about a tragic experience of sexual exploitation which may upset some readers.   Ganga was lying on the bed, naked. Her hair was messy, kohl was smudged, her bindi* was not in place and her eyes were blank. No emotion, no tears, […]

Amrita Read and rate this story.

Everything was burning around me including my house, mother, father, and siblings. The tandav* dancing waves of the yellow-orange fire were engulfing everything and everyone, in its way. I was running to escape it but the fire was coming close to me, extending her long hands. Oh, my […]

He in she Read and rate this story.

Again he did the same! Why can’t I have male friends ? Why all restrictions on me? Just because I am a woman… I can’t wear shorts, I can’t forget to wear mangalsutra….damn ..when will this patriarchal culture will end ? Didn’t I welcome his female friends last […]

Who? Read and rate this story.

Ajay was walking lazily on the footpath thinking about his beloved wife Urmi. These days, she was not be at home when he returned. Earlier when he returned home, she would be at the door with her long brown hair untied, just the way he liked it. Whenever […]

Diwali Read and rate this story.

It is Diwali today. Even though so many years have gone by, the incident is still fresh in my mind… ●● Diwali was two days later, but the noise of crackers had already started. I hated Diwali just because of this noise! I was so afraid of the […]

A Known Stranger Read and rate this story.

I couldn’t control my smile. Nowadays, I smiled without reason. But today, there was a reason. After two months I was finally meeting him! I could see myself blushing in the mirror. What happened to the fierce journalist Ameeta! “Is this love?”, I asked myself while I took […]