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Husna Thaslim

Husna is an ardent lover of literature, lost somewhere in the medieval era, swooning after people who have subtle resemblances to Mr. Darcy. She can be found either with her nose in a book or napping, in between adding another task to her ever-growing To-Do list.

Born a Crime Read and rate this story.

The family huddled close around the table. The flickering flames from the candle stumps made the shadows on the wall look eerie. The children exchanged nervous glances before Aira placed a warm hand over her first-born’s shoulder, and cast a reassuring smile towards his little sister. Asher, in […]

Half Bloom Read and rate this story.

Today seems to be a day of inescapable wetness. The downpour lashes the air furiously. The smell of fresh coffee, turning cold, fuels my stamina as I fill in the paperwork for the case that would be closed by tomorrow. _________________________________________________________________ CASE FILE: Damian Fox Overview of case: […]

The Greater Cause Read and rate this story.

Headquarters 72 hours before launch “What’s the update, Agent Ketura?” “Commander,” she saluted, “The team has picked all specimens from the five zones,” Ketura hesitated before revealing to the new commander that tradition had been broken this time. The commander, however, seemed to notice her hesitation. “What’s the […]