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Itali Madhusmita

Itali Madhusmita is a software professional based out of Toronto . A mother to two young kids, she tries to squeeze in time to express herself, mostly in form of short poems . She is trying to experiment with the prose/short story format. Fail she might , but try she must .

The Chef 4.55/5 (10)

“A cook ? No ways; You belong to the ranch Put down the apron, get on the horseback” A Cowboy from the wild West, fancied a life beyond the bull and dust. Shed his hat that was the pride In pursuit of happiness, sneaked he away one fine […]

Rain’bows in June 2.63/5 (4)

Saturday 9th June 2018 ‘This is Charing Cross. This is a Northern Line train to Morden. Please stand clear of the doors’ Pushing my fragile body through the crowd, on the flight of stairs, I stepped on to Trafalgar Square. Squinting my eyes, I look up at the […]

Frozen Moments Read and rate this story.

Today, Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai   Frozen Moments Locked in frames Shining glory Burned in flames She stood at a corner of the rectangular hall. Staring at the two walls, that met each other, adorned with a picture each, of the same structure, only in different times. ******* […]

The Last Gift Read and rate this story.

“Sometimes there is no happy choice, Lucas, only one less grievous than the others.” said my mama, I was 13 then when my father had suddenly disappeared one fine morning abandoning us. “But, what if I want to be happy mama?” “Destiny will decide for you baby.” ***** A […]