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Jayashree Pillai

Jayashree spends half her day tearing her hair in frustration, wondering why kids these days just don't get their tenses and prepositions right. Once she calms down and the horns disappear, she is genial, warm, friendly and smiling. She hates to sit idle and enjoys a whole lot of things which include cooking and gardening but her knowledge is pretty limited in those areas. So she is actually an amateur in the purest sense.


There is something that one needs to know before one plunges into the story of Samuel Clooney. Samuel was a writer of considerable fame. He had spent a great part of his life writing travelogues, romances and some historical stuff. He was a mild mannered man of diminutive […]

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“Don’t even think of it,” Prerna’s voice came thundering from the kitchen. Like all mothers, she seemed to possess some extra sensory perception that made life quite difficult for her two pre-teenagers. The jalebis, ripping with syrupy sweetness had been luring Bunty towards them for a long time. He […]