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Kaushik Roy

By profession, Kaushik Roy is a Software QA Engineer and by nature an enthusiastic learner. Writing is always a passion for him- sometimes in Java and sometimes in English or Bengali. He loves to craft his stories with an unexpected twist. He loves to blog and listen to music.

Yesterday Never Dies Read and rate this story.

Bip…bip…bip…bip A blaring sound of alarm made Bhuban woke up. A red light started blinking at the top of a transparent glass chamber. Bhuban looked at a digital window hanging outside reluctantly-“Ahhhh.”. It was showing ‘Final Test Status of #629: Failed.’ Bhuban was a research scholar at a […]

The Last Man Read and rate this story.

A small birthday celebration was going on in a Vishnu Temple of a small village in Tamil Nadu. The small boy was surrounded by his most of the family member s. His old grandmother was waiting on a wheelchair with her weak health outside the temple. The priest […]