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Manali Kadam

Mysterious & vivacious places, people & paths- these are her favorites. Intensely treasures her dreamworld and tries balancing the rational & mystical life's experiences. Dancing & writing have helped her best so far to express her innerself.

A freelance soft skills facilitator loves to travel, eat and listen to people's stories. Learning to become a better human each day that's her goal.

An Unpleasant Confession Read and rate this story.

“Why do you hide your pain behind that fake smile?” resting elbows on her knees, panting, Arya’s gaze made Jigisha uncomfortable. “Excuse me… ahh…. what?” Jigisha’s authoritative voice had turned soft suddenly. “Yes… you heard that right, Jigisha” Arya said without blinking. “I guess we are done with […]

Goodbye, Dark Odour Read and rate this story.

Sameera held the photographs tight in her sweaty palms as her trembling feet slowly moved towards her house. The bright sunny morning was taking away the terror of the dark, sleepless night. She reached her room, locked herself & finally let out a loud cry from her suppressed […]

When We Met Read and rate this story.

For no particular reason, while booking my bus ticket online to Nasik, I kept clicking seat number “Q” and then chose another one. Again I went back to “Q” and then thought of the 5th row, and after repeating this twice I finally booked seat number “Q” with some inexplicable […]