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Mansi Babbar

She's a dreamer who believes in happy endings. She also believes in love at first sight yet she feels that relationships are built with effort. She is a perfectionist; her feedback is as cruel for you as for her own work. What she can't express in words, she expresses through her poems. She lives her life like there's no tomorrow.

Unspoken Pain Read and rate this story.

“One coffee.” He used to slowly approach the counter and murmur. A short old man, always dressed in a formal shirt and trousers. Must have been in his late 70’s.  His hands often used to tremble, whenever he tried to pull money from his wallet, to pay for […]

I Choose You Read and rate this story.

Present Day “I don’t have the same feelings for you.” Meera gathers her courage and finally texts Sameer. Sameer is angry and relieved at the same time. Like he was hoping, Meera would bring this up. Last 6 months were different than the first 1.5 years. She had […]