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Meha Sharma

The Unhappy Prince 4.06/5 (8)

I stare at the blackboard as the class progresses with a dreary pace. When will this class get over, it is insufferable. I wait for his class with bated breath. And here he comes. God, Professor Mohanty is looking at me. This man can literally see through me. […]

The Ruins Read and rate this story.

The loo* blew taking along with it a flurry of sand and Dhani pulled her odhani* and covered her eyes hastily. “Kathe reh gayi” *, Manu bai questioned as she helped her put down the three pitchers of water that Dhani had been carrying. Dhani adjusted her kanchli* […]

Redemption Read and rate this story.

Circa 2110 Dr. Treud’s clinic was swarming with men. Men of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicity had lined up in his swanky clinic. The waiting room which shone radiantly underneath the translucent walls looked almost unreal. Dr. Treud was one of the most prominent psychiatrists of his times. […]