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Mithru is a voracious reader, travel blogger. He wishes to bring various kinds of arts, artists and art-enthusiasts together. Mithru believes that one can do anything if they really wish to. He is the founder of ArtoonsInn and working on developing the community.

The Four Huskies Read and rate this story.

 “I don’t like this time of the year. Look at that guy, can we pull him even by an inch?” Rachael said.  “The master fed us, it’s our duty now.” Ross gasped, still getting hold of himself after the last ride. It was Christmas week and Anchorage was […]

Love and Lost Read and rate this story.

The fire behind them crackled as Kate finally gave up her cold war with David observing his calm demeanor as darkness since the Sunset. “What if we are stuck on this island for life?” Kate finally managed to start a proper conversation with him. Lying on her back, […]

Cooper’s Call Read and rate this story.

PROLOGUE The cold winds from the North blew stronger that evening. Darkness started to enshroud the woods. The white of the snow was stained with crimson all around. The blood was still warm, settling. There had been a moment of vengeance. A battle for survival. A fight for family. […]