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Natasha Sequeira

Natasha Sequeira is a stay at home mom. She is an avid reader and nature lover. She has recently begun blogging and is quite fond of it. She also likes to take a stand on social issues.

PINK SKIES 4.13/5 (4)

Oregon, USA. 1912. The setting sun cast a pink glow against the warm August sky. Rose Lawson hurried on with supper preparations. Her husband Jacob Lawson would soon be home. Of late her husband’s timings had become erratic. Infact, a couple of times he spent the night away […]

Mayhem Read and rate this story.

In a little village on the outskirts of a wooded forest, Ramu was brushing his teeth. He goes to the hand pump for water. ‘Oh! no water?’, he grumbles out aloud. His wife cries out. “Where is all the flour? The corn? The garden is bare. I thought […]

STORM. Read and rate this story.

The beautiful ranch, in sunny Mexico, spread before her eyes. Samantha Crump, let out a phlegm filled cough, and walked towards the stables. She cast her eyes on Storm, her 5 year old, Thoroughbred mare. Standing tall, the ebony black mare, nuzzled her shoulder. “I am sorry Storm, […]

Bee-atastrophe! Read and rate this story.

Mr. Beearding stretched and yawned, ‘The home was quiet! Where had everyone gone?’ He rubbed his sleepy eyes, peeped in on the nursery, He was surprised. The nurses were missing, The babies were bawling. “Hey Mr. Beedding, where are the girls?” Mr. Beedding looked aghast. He remarked, “ […]

Love Happens. Read and rate this story.

  Sheena was busy arranging Mrs.Pinto’s clothes.When no one answered the Pinto’s doorbell in the morning, the overzealous maid urged Sheena, Mr. Sharma’s daughter , and neighbour, to assist her. The frail widow lay, non responsive, on her bed. The mortuary had requested a set of clothes for […]

Wishes Read and rate this story.

It was the night before Christmas, and all was quiet around the house. Not a creature was stirring, except five year old Lily Grouse! She sat up excitedly in bed, her auburn curls framing her little head. She eagerly peered out the window, and listened for any sound […]