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Pallavi Sawant Uttekar

Pallavi Sawant is a passionate reader, fabulous cook,
Full time doctor, part time mother and night time writer.

Evaan 3.5/5 (1)

Samara returned from her shift weary to her bones. She switched on the light. Evaan was lying on the sofa whimpering softly. There were angry welts all over his shin. “Pa hit me with cane again.” He told her. Fuming, she went to the kitchen to see Shivam […]

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       Her favourite fountain pen made a satisfying scratch as she titled her “t” in flourish.       She casually turned the paper around.      She stared in dismay!! One question remained unanswered…panicked, she tried to scribble something…. the examiner snatched away the paper..Nooooooooo…        Sai opened her eyes. The same old dream…she […]