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Pooja Gupta

Dr Pooja Gupta is a clinical Microbiologist blessed with two lovely kids. Recently, she is loving the writing space, she is in. She hopes to continue her relationship with pen.

DON’T COME OUT! 2.5/5 (1)

It was 8.30. Lucky picked his gym bag. While crossing the hotel lobby, someone caught his attention. He was a face, Lucky hadn’t seen before. For a minute, he couldn’t take the eye off him. The wheatish complexion, sharp chiseled face, the suave personality of that man standing […]

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The dining room was a mess; the shreds of broken glasses were scattered all over the floor. It seemed as if some Tsunami had just come over. But the Mehta household was getting used to it. Mrs. Mehta tried to keep calm, though it was difficult. “Maya, come. […]