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Pradeep Das

Pradeep Das is a headmaster of a secondary school. He is also a district level teacher trainer. He loves to write on teaching methods for magazine publshed by teacher association. Moreover he works for the upliftment of education of St/ sc school students.

The Pole Read and rate this story.

“Nani…” I called out laying on bed in college hostel. Nani,who looked like a paragon of beauty, was my room mate.I fondly called him ‘Nani’ when others in college mocked him as “Mai” for his womanish style  of walking and talking. The very word enraged him. But he […]

My best mother Read and rate this story.

How long could I bear the punishment? It was my daily habit of being beaten by my father as I spent time playing in the village club or witnessing opera, cinema, fair without helping him in cultivation. My mother, who was afraid of my father, would shed tears […]

Whose hand? Read and rate this story.

Marathon election campaign. Thousands of people transported to the PM ‘s rally had painfully waited in sizzling summer in the stadium. The PM was late.Bored,they were yawning for chicken and power plus. Suddenly someone was heard saying from heaven. “Dear sons and daughters, your leader will come to […]

Adhesive Read and rate this story.

What’s in a name? Renu was surprised at herself. She was marrying a completely unknown man. it was she who tried to kick sanity in Pavitra. “ We buy dresses that fit us well. Why not our husbands?” and here she was an IIM post graduate, well settled, […]

Ardhanariswar Read and rate this story.

The crowd cawed disconsolately on the roof of the Sahubabu’s house for a stale roti while pigeons continued cooing. After a long wait for the old lady they flew away silently. The cow mooed to be untied. The six month old baby cried bitterly. Sahubabu ordered “Oh, calm […]

Keep it secret Read and rate this story.

Keep it secret “Keep it secret.” “Shhh! Keep it top secret.” Secrets are the best paradox especially in India with nosy relatives, poking neighbours. Things get too difficult when it is politics; everybody seems to have rabbit ears. The rumour somersaulted to fly at a supersonic speed. Suddenly, […]

I love you Read and rate this story.

We look forward to 28th December every year, a great occasion to get together for the 1980 matric batch. Annu joins us with her husband and children. During discussion she jokingly calls me foolish. ‘ Are you playing games with me?’ Pages of memory turn over afresh. It […]

Silver vs Gold Read and rate this story.

Watching live telecast of games with family, especially with my grandfather is always enjoyable. This time P. V. Sindhu was meeting Carolina in Women’s badminton final at Rio Olympics. Only an idiot could miss this match. Hence, we, the patriots, sat eagerly ready to cheer India’s maiden win. […]

Breaking News Read and rate this story.

Sharmaji entered the club in the evening and silently sat in a chair; his chin cupped, head hanging down. The retired officers present there playing Table Tennis felt as if Sharmaji’s missile test had misfired. One of the members confided in his partner at play, “ Sharmaji is […]