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Pranita Kaur

Pranita is a learning and development professional with 10 years of experience in the industry and academia. She discovered her passion for writing when she started sharing
her motherhood stories with the world. Her other vices include Food, Books and Travel.

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Working mothers – they cannot have it all. They have to choose, between their careers and the time they devote to their kids. So does that make them bad mothers? To have an aspiration for professional growth? To strive in a job that in the long run is […]

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Thorayur, a small village in Pollachi district. Although now well known for nefarious reasons, Pollachi is often known as the “Coconut Capital” of Tamilnadu. Thorayur is a quaint little village situated therein. Situated about 600 kms away from the state capital of Chennai, the village has coconut plantations […]

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They had named her Anuya, born to Anup and Priya. The had prayed for having her for a long time of 14 years. Anup and Priya were elated. All these years, it was the only thing they had wanted so badly, to embrace parenthood. They tried everything – […]