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Ratnakar Baggi

Ratnakar Baggi is an IT professional based in Bangalore. He is also an actor, writer and director with more than 10 years of experience in theatre. He is very passionate about trekking, playing tennis and all forms of literature.

Love Enmeshed 3.5/5 (1)

He said he still loved me, but the irony of those words seared through my heart. The enormity of the agonising moment grew heavier in the stillness of the night even as we tried to pick up the shards of our relationship that lay shattered like a delicate […]

THE DEAL Read and rate this story.

“How am I supposed to recognize you, if you don’t send me your pic?”, she had asked exasperatedly on the phone. “Hey… let the blind date be blind”, he had replied in that heavenly baritone. “I will be wearing a white formal shirt; look out for a lavender […]

Fury of Vasudha Read and rate this story.

‘Appa, look, the water is receding,’ cried Balu desperately. Ranganna rushed to Balu’s side and peeped into the well. His body convulsed in fear at the unimaginable sight – the walls of the well opened as large gaping mouths and swallowed the water in voracious gulps. The Earth […]

No Baggage Please Read and rate this story.

‘Welcome to the Cloak Room,’ greeted a well-rehearsed cheerful voice. The lanky old man in faded brown overalls exhibited great poise and an assured calm. In the background, a huge stack of suitcases neatly labelled with names, presumably to whom those belonged, rendered a certain solemnity to the […]