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Rekha Mordani

Rekha Mordani is a story teller, co-author of a few Anthologies, blogger and a content writer at LiFT digital magazine. She writes when a sudden thought pops up in her mind. For her, writing is like breathing, one cannot stop.

A Slayer Met His Angel 4.25/5 (4)

As she  opened her  eyes, she discerned she was lying drenched and  wounded in the midst of a green field. The  silent sky was pouring with rain as if lamenting the catastrophe. A few hours ago she was playing with her neighborhood friends and now  her body was […]

His fears of being not accepted 4/5 (1)

                            A few couple of eyes were scanning me except his. I offered him tea. While he took the cup his, briefly, eyes met mine but only to look away. A good looking, well-educated, high earning man was seated in front of me but seemed uneasy for the […]