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Riddhi Bhatti

Riddhi Bhatti is a homemaker and caretaker of her li'l one. She is an ardent nature-lover and yoga/dance enthusiastic. She has also spent a couple of years at a renowned MNC as a business analyst.

Riddhi: I love to play peek a boo. The stories I write, just read and review. And look for the hidden clue. Find me out once you are through.

The Last Wishes Read and rate this story.

From behind that window,all what had ever caught my fancy was giving me heebie-jeebies. The police was pushing everyone indoors to strange houses. The commandoes were being airlifted. The whole area was being cordoned. The situation looked no ordinary. After a while, the chaos looked settling outside , […]

Love Locks Read and rate this story.

I neatly placed my luggage on the rack above my seat and looked at my phone to check time. It was 10:45 am. I was contently peeping through the window when a sudden voice barged in. “Excuse me, this window seat is …” He stopped mid-sentence as I […]

Friends Read and rate this story.

Roohi was sitting alone in her hostel room glancing through the window. As she watched other students prepare for festivities tonight, her mind was busy shuffling through the images of her home, her mother setting up idols for evening prayer, her father making fancy lights arrangements and her […]