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Ritu Gulabani

Ritu A Gulabani is an author of an inspiring and relatable book “From Caterpillar to Butterfly” and a mother of two young boys. An ex-Banker and a certified lecturer, her work has been published at many platforms. When she is not busy with her kids, kitchen or daily chores, she is reading, writing or concentrating on self-improvement which includes yoga, meditation, tasty healthy recipes and do it yourself stuff.

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“So before we indulge in dance and drinks, let me tell you that we have with us, today, the creator of Dr. North…. Any guesses? Yes! Dr. North, the psychopath……” announced the General with zeal in his voice.  “Wow….Samuel Clooney” hooted some among the audience. “You guessed it […]

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With a strange commotion, the invitees and the members took their seats for the Earth Summit. Phones were flooded with messages. There was nervousness in the face of many and few stood up to leave. While the president was getting ready for her opening plenary session, her phone […]

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“Congratulations for the Social Worker of the Year Award! Please tell us, how do you manage it; along with your usual job?” Sameer asked, the tall and handsome Newsweek reporter with a gentle smile, while interviewing Ritweeka, the spectacled and dainty middle aged woman. “How are you filled […]

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“Wow! This is brilliant! Where did you learn this?” said Ashwin with awe, when he saw his little son Aarav dexterously preparing the pizza. “Mommy ….obviously! Who else can teach me, daddy?” said Aarav with his tiny hands still busy in spreading the oregano and chilli flakes. “Hmmm… […]

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After several doorbell rings and battering, the doorknob was snapped by hammer and opened; the neighbours had also gathered. The moment the door opened, she saw his feet and screamed in a chilling voice. Her eyes flew open as she saw Raman dangling through the fan….. his eyes […]