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Sanchari Banerjee

Sanchari is an amateur writer who has just started to pen down her random thoughts and ideas. Apart from writing she loves adventure, music and intelligent discussions.

Truth & lies 3.4/5 (5)

Abhay whimpered, in the dark corner of his cell. Life can be cruel behind the bars. Just two days inside, he could not get over the trauma he went through. Deceit. Lie. “Why he did this to me?” He was still trying to find answers. For the first […]

The Kebab Dreams Read and rate this story.

“Mmmm….a pinch of hing in the hot oil…….fry the onions till golden brown…..” “Hey Sandeep! Get ready for the meeting it’s in 20 minutes,” Sandeep jolted from his chair and hurriedly pressed alt+tab to flash the PowerPoint presentation on the screen and slipped swiftly the notepad in his […]