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Sarveswari Sai Krishna

Sarveswari Sai Krishna

The author wishes to write like J M Coetzee, cook like Nigella Lawson and earn like Beyonce and at the end of the day, not look like something the cat dragged in. If wishes were horses...

Ink Dyed! 2.17/5 (6)

A man, who had seen 50 summers, was bent over the prototype of a printing press. He was very pleased. It had been a hard year with mounting financial burdens and court cases. Now his invention was almost perfected. It would revolutionize communication. For centuries, written words had […]

An Appeal 3.5/5 (6)

This is not a story, rather an appeal to find a friend of mine. I have an axe to grind with her. I am a writer, a successful one, good enough for my publishers to offer my third novel.  I have two novels in my kitty, Appetite for […]

Fear Not! Read and rate this story.

Death flashed his arresting smile at God. God, despite Her supreme control, could not help but redden. ‘Flatterer!’, She said and hoped that Her pretended annoyance was bought. ‘Go on, what brings you ‘up’ here?, she demanded, her smile never leaving her ruby lips. ‘But it’s no exaggeration, […]