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Sarveswari Sai Krishna

Sarveswari Sai Krishna

The author wishes to write like J M Coetzee, cook like Nigella Lawson and earn like Beyonce and at the end of the day, not look like something the cat dragged in. If wishes were horses...

The Monsooner Read and rate this story.

‘Can you see a pattern here?’ asked the Inspector. ‘All during monsoon, Sir’, the new recruit answered promptly. ‘Hence I christened him the Monsooner.’, the inspector continued, ‘First victim, 2011, July 11, 24-year-old girl. Killed by a deep incision to the radial artery. 32 other cuts in the […]

Pure Mixture Read and rate this story.

‘So what you are you implying, Rama? That we are superior to others by simply being born in this caste?’ Venkat questioned Ramakrishnan with raised eyebrows.   ‘I am saying we are different. Certain differences make us superior to others by its nature. Some gene pools have an inherent ability to absorb […]

The Phoenix Read and rate this story.

 The horse ran through the thick darkness of the night, tearing into its ominous black. The piercing whistle punctured the sound of the galloping hooves. ‘Too close’ she thought anxiously and pleaded her horse to race faster. ‘Run, Karuppa. Save me from ignominy. Run’. Just then her faithful […]