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Shiva Kumar

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The world purely became male-dominated. Eventually, every female became a feminist. The male-Government decided to commit a moral-crime to terminate the feminist-revolution. All the males were forced to kill their lovable females in honour-killings. A-Few-years-later… “Grandpa, you look so tired. Please leave the lab and take rest”, said […]

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@ChaiPoint-Koramangala-Bengaluru-17Jul2019-6:15a.m. An anonymous person, while having chai, read one of the headlines of Deccan Herald. “A 32-years old woman reported missing earlier this week was found dead in the Canal of Kengeri. The cause of death is unknown”.   @Art-Of-Breathing-International-Center-Bengaluru-16Jul2019-8:00a.m. “Hello.., Inspector Dharmraj?”, wished Bhimsena, the General Manager, […]

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  “Once again, the best employee award goes to Mr.Rajan”, announced the CEO in the Annual day ceremony. “Dude, you have been working here for 4 years. You have got the award for all four years. Moreover, you have developed many complex software applications. How passionate you are! […]

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“Oh God! Where am I? “, yelled a man as he found he is in a dark space. “Thank God! Who’s shouting there? listen to me, I am Mr.Gnosis”, another man said. “Like you, I am also unaware of this dark place”, Continued Mr.Gnosis, Scratching the side of […]