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Sonal Singh

Sonal Singh is a a recruiter by profession (founder/director of Rian placements) but her passion is travelling and writing. She loves penning down her thoughts be they musings, stories or poems. She is an animal lover and is equally passionate about animal rights.

Ek Ladki ko dekha 2.5/5 (2)

‘Let’s go watch a film?’ suggested Sia to her parents. ‘I aced my B.Ed exams, my treat.’ Her father smiled indulgently, ‘Okay. Get tickets for evening.’ ‘Cool. Will do,’ she quipped thinking, ‘Maybe, this way, I can…….’ ________________ The same evening after walking out of the film midway……. […]

Make me a Barbie Doll Read and rate this story.

“Doctor, can you make me look like Barbie?” the little girl asked the plastic surgeon, clutching her favourite Barbie doll. Looking down at the five year old girl, the surgeon’s heart melted. With moist eyes he said, “I will do my best, I promise.” A congenital defect, a […]

A Difficult Choice Read and rate this story.

“Rohini, tell me what to do”, said Rahul, his voice cracking with emotion. Rohini could see that Rahul’s eyes were brimming over. The incident had impacted him greatly. Her pillar of strength, the man who could face a thousand storms and still emerge unscathed and victorious, was crumbling […]